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Sabine River Basin Overview
The Sabine River Basin is relatively long and narrow, with a length of approximately 300 miles and a maximum width of approximately 48 miles.
Sabine Basin Maps
This page provides access to various static and interactive maps of the Sabine River Basin.
Sabine Basin Lake and River Conditions
Links to near-real-time lake and river level data for the Sabine River Basin from the U.S. Geological Survey and National Weather Service, as well as a link to the Toledo Bend Hydro generating schedule hosted on Sabine River Authority-State of Louisiana's website.
Recreation Guide to the Sabine River Basin, Texas
The Sabine River Basin, Texas, has many wonderful recreation opportunities. Lakes, parks, campgrounds, wildlife management areas, and even a national forest allow for a wide range of activities. Whatever your interests, you will find them in the Sabine.
Sabine Basin Water Availability
Water has become a critical resource in Texas. Surface water is one of two main sources of water in the State. Surface waters are defined as the ordinary flow and tides of every flowing river, natural stream and lake.
Water Conservation in the Sabine River Basin
The Sabine River Authority of Texas is committed to providing adequate supplies of high quality water to municipal, industrial, agricultural and recreational users of Sabine Basin water. Water conservation is an integral element of that effort.
Sabine Basin Links
This page provides links to Sabine Basin Web sites for cities, councils of government, counties, schools, press, and universities.
Sabine Basin Regional Planning
In June 1997 Governor George W. Bush signed into law Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), comprehensive water legislation enacted by the 75th Texas Legislature. SB 1 allows individuals representing 11 interest groups to serve as members of Regional Water Planning Group.
Sabine River Compact Comission
The Sabine River Compact Commission administers the Sabine River Compact to ensure that Texas receives its equitable share of quality water from the Sabine River and its tributaries as apportioned by the Compact. The Compact includes the states of Texas and Louisiana.
Sabine Basin Weather
This page contains current Sabine River Basin weather information along with links to other weather sites.

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